Welcome to TRENTON! admin Trenton April 4, 2022
Welcome to TRENTON!

Welcome to our website. Love bread? Well, you’re in a good company! Trenton exists to share the joy of baking anytime, anywhere. Stay tuned to receive seasonal recipes, baking tips, special offers, and our latest updates!

When it comes to the mind behind the business, the Australian owner’s passion for baking multiplies into a series of authentic baking recipes. Working hand-in-hand with a technical baker from Germany, Trenton produces freshly baked gourmet breads on a daily basis. Resulting in quality products made from natural ingredients by the skillful hands of their bakers. The reason why we specialize in European bread is because of the variety, in all types of bread they may be, but each stimulates different experiences and recollections. The diversity of the breads is precisely what makes European bread is rich in culture and traditions. With that being said, Trenton also applies tailor-made production system to maintain high quality standards and product development.

Therefore, with the combination of passion, skills and scientific knowledge; Trenton has developed an assortment of finest traditional gourmet breads, along with a number of breakfast menu served daily in our bakery shops, Bread Basket. Bagels and sourdough breads are definitely the stars of the show. People can find the best, most authentic and tasty bagel in Bali. And to make the most important meal of the day more delicious, Bread Basket also serves all-day breakfast menu which is available daily in Sanur, Kerobokan and Uluwatu.

When it comes to the retail chain, we launched mass production line called De Bakker with its products that encompasses European bread, dry goods, Ready-to-eat menu, sweet dessert cake and many more. With that being said, we truly believe that good breads are more than just great source of nutrition and that’s what makes us where we are today!