MARCH 10, 2018

Sanur, Bali — March 10 2018


— Bigger, better, greater. That is what Bread Basket Bakery Shop has gone and done. Our shop at Sanur has recently come with a fresh new look and more exciting delicacies to offer


On March 10, the shop announced a new concept for their Sanur outlet by organizing open house for their beloved customers. To add more surprise, the customers enjoyed 20% discounts on dine-in for all menu. The new concept itself is a total game changer, followed by new menu to make things even better. The list comprises four menu items; there is Happy Hollandaise, Bread Basket’s style of Eggs Benedict that is bound to cure boring breakfast. Adding to favorite list that’s hard to miss is Waffle Rumble, Arugula Fruit Salad and Cold Brew Cubes.


It has been 2 months since the new Sanur shop is officially unveiled to public and they seem to enjoy the great homey atmosphere. To us, “home is where the bread is.” People can find this tagline everywhere inside the shops. More than just a pun-intended line, Bread Basket strongly believes that the smell of freshly baked bread evokes the sense of being at home. Loved by many and known for its authentic taste, Bread Basket is more than just a place, it is a household name for traditional European bakery shop in Bali.